About us

Doi Inthanon View Resort

   Doi Inthanon View Resort or Doi-In-View We located on Chom Thong - Doi Inthanon Road, depart from Chiang Mai International airport only 57 Kilometres. As you go along the highway, start at Chom Thong intersection, Turn right around 7 kilometres to the road which go straight to Doi Inthanon then the guide posts along the road will help you to find where we place. Therefore our resort located in the route of yellow "Song Teaw" (pick-up car). Hence you can get on at the front of resort be conveniently for backpack tourist.

   In the area of 8K square metres. Doi-In-View is the brand new exquisite Villa Resort in the unique of Lan-na-style (Northern Thai style) All of our villas was contributed from the high quality Golden teak wood with private balcony. Surrounding with the natural diversity and the most tranquil. Our resort has the central parking lot with the entire of quality and thoroughness. Moreover, the security service is proceeding in 24 hours besides the CCTVs around the resort. The entire of facilities which are: LED TV + Cable TV, Control Air-conditioning, Safe Box, Natural Shower Zone in Villa, Water heater 9K Walt., Private parking, Breakfast, Tea & Coffee Facilities , Free WIF| at Chan Pha Central Dinning Hall We also pay attend to the disparity in details of our guests.
Thus our resort has four types of villa which are the followings: 1. Family Villas 2. Twin Standard Villas 3. Double Twin Villas 4. Standard Villas